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About Us

About Us

Dancing Wallflowers: Who We Are

At Dancing Wallflowers, our mission is simple. We strive to be of service and share our love, talent, and passion with our clients, bringing your beautiful, enchanting vision to life. We aim to deliver spectacular moments beyond expectation, built on integrity, trust, and gratefulness for the craft and what it brings to so many.

Our amazing team, with seven years of combined experience, delivers not just a breathtaking floral display but also creates an environment of beauty and magic for all to behold. We love bringing joy and excitement to our clients as they experience and interact with the finished product.

Dancing Wallflowers exists to bring joy and beauty to every event, elevating the experience whether it Is a corporate event or a wedding. Our foundation is that of love for the art and creativity that comes with combining flowers and foliage to reveal the perfect aesthetic.

No matter your design vision, whether elegant and sophisticated or wild and organic, we can bring it to life with style and flair.