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Dancing Wallflowers Brings Magic and Beauty to All of Your Special Events

Elegance, enchantment, and magic await at your event when you call on Dancing Wallflowers to provide the perfect finishing touches to any location. Stunning floral walls and arches transform your venue from ordinary to extraordinary.

Coachella Valley’s floral artists and designers at Dancing Wallflowers craft picturesque floral walls and arches that do not disappoint, dazzling your guests and begging to be photographed. We can decorate your wedding venue in a way that transports you and your guests to a whole new world. We bring elegance and beauty to any corporate event, providing a gorgeous floral backdrop for photos and onlookers alike. And with Dancing Wallflowers, your private party will never be forgotten.

Make Your Coachella Valley Special Event Special with a Floral Wall or Arch

We build lasting relationships with each and every client and are invested in providing exactly the design you envision. What are your floral dreams made of? Beauty, style, opulence, and unique, personalized design touches will pull your vision out of your dreams and into reality.

Outdoor flower wall installation by Dancing Wallflowers

Elevate Your Coachella Valley Event with Floral Arches and Walls

Whether you are planning a Coachella Valley wedding, anniversary, private party, corporate event, or fundraiser, we aim to make the décor unforgettable. Let our Coachella Valley floral artists elevate your event to heights you never imagined. With meticulous attention to detail and the experience of years in the industry, we can turn flowers into moments, and make memories that last forever.

Make your Coachella Valley events exquisite with Dancing Wallflowers.

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